Maha Acorona Devi

A depiction of the Goddess who destroys Corona Virus

In Hinduism, there are many deities; Gods & Goddesses that people like to have images of and to pray to. 


This is sometimes misunderstood in the West,

where people might see it as a "heathen" practice of worshiping "false idols" etc. 

 What is not understood is that each deity is simply a representation of a particular aspect of God. 

The ONE God. 

By giving a name & face to this aspect, it allows us to focus on, honor, and strengthen that quality within US. 

It is not unlike the Catholic practice of praying to saints for this or that. 

This practice stems from the belief that everything lies WITHIN us. 

We are all a creation of the one God, regardless of what we call God or how we worship him/her.

In this spirit, a deity has emerged at this particular time in our human history. 

She is a Goddess that takes on the form of the healthcare worker - in particular, the noble nurse.

In Sanskrit, the sound "ah" means "non", so that by having an "a" in front of the virus name,

this name becomes "non" Corona, or the absence of Corona! 

It is my great honor to introduce Maha Acorona devi, or the Goddess of Non-Corona.

Acorona Devi Prayer


We pray to you, Acorona Devi

(Goddess Non-Corona),

the destroyer of Covid-19.

You are a manifest totem

of the strongest healing properties

that lie within each of us.

You are not a separate deity.

You are our inspiration for right action,

and a focused symbol that allows us

to call on the powers

of our own Immune System



Belonging to no religion,

you are an universal icon

of the steps we must take

to destroy a common enemy.

By following the rituals that you represent,

we will do our part in helping to

stop the spread of the Coronavirus. 


We ask you for your blessings

as a means to ritualize our vision of a safe future.

May our immunities be strengthened.

May nothing harmful invade our bodies or our homes.

May we be blessed with sanitized cleanliness.

May our actions be in the best interest of all.

May we soon walk together again,

Virus free, in health, love and community.






Om Tat Sat.


So be it.

Maha Ahcorona Devi Stotram


Prayer to the Goddess non-Corona



Ah-Corona Devi Viddhamahe (who is omnipresent)

May we be worthy of your protection.

Please Bless my home & my whole family

We will bow to you wearing the sacred cloak

of mask and gloves.

We will purify our hands with 20 rounds of praises to thee.

Our every sharp exhale will be only into the crooks of our arms.

And though you are as close as our very heart,

We will ever respect the sacred distance of 6 feet in the physical realm.

Through these observances,

may we be pleasing to thee, and worthy of your blessings.

Jai Jai Ah-Corona Devi,


* About the image of Acorona:


The image of Acorona Devi

came to yoga teacher, Beatrice B. Mattaway,

of Willow Tree Yoga in NY,

on March 18, 2020. 


Beatrice wrote down the design details,

and then hired the most talented

iloda_19, an artist in Argentina,

whom Beatrice was fortunate enough

to discover on fiverr & Instagram.

* You are welcome to copy or download the image of Acorona Devi, as well as her prayers, free of charge. 

But please do not make any changes to her without requesting the permission of Willow Tree Yoga.  Also, you may NOT monetize her in any way.  If you are inspired to fundraise for your local hospital or nurses association, or some humanitarian cause related to this pandemic and would like to use her image for that purpose, please put your request in writing to Willow Tree Yoga in order to receive legal permission. 

Not following these rules will cause you and your endeavor to no longer receive Acorona Devi's blessings

and will bring very bad karma upon you.  And you do not want that, I assure you!